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generate digital tarot readings &
track your pulls in your own notion dashboard

Explore database of all 78 tarot cards

Learn the meanings and imagery of all 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards in the classic Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Includes gorgeous full-color graphics & interpretations.

Generate your own readings on love, career, dreams, & more

30+ specialized tarot spreads explore relationship dynamics, career decisions, and more! Templates range from simple single card pulls to complex 10+ card spreads.

Track cards pulled over time

Linked databases track your most-pulled cards as you generate readings.

pull a digital reading or use your own deck

No tarot deck– no worries! Our random number generator tool allows Notion to pull cards for you. You can also use your own physical deck.

Explore the Sample Template

Want to know more about how the Notion Tarot Template works? View a sample in your browser– for free!


Choose the Tarot template that fits your needs.


10 Tarot SpreadsDigital readings156 card database with graphics & reversalsExpanded card interpretations



20+ Tarot SpreadsDigital readings156 card database with graphics & reversalsIn-depth card interpretations for love, career, and spirituality readings



2 Tarot SpreadsDigital readings78 card database with graphicsBasic Rider Waite card descriptions



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more tarot lessons & templates

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